The Only Picture Blender You Need.

Blend any two of your photos into a single photo to create a magical blend effect. Photo Blender is a simple but mighty app, it mingles two of your images into a single image. A transparent overlay of the first photo taken can be overplayed on another photo taken from a gallery or camera. Direct yourself by selecting any two pictures.

We have all the features you might need

How To Blend An Image With Camera?

Satiation of the spontaneous urge to capture the precious moments instantly can be best served with the camera feature provided with our application. 

How to Blend Image From Gallery?

We value your precious time and intend to save it by providing you with the feature of Gallery via which you can choose an image that is already stored on your device.

How To Blend Collage Images?

Collage provides you the freedom to boast off your multiple pictures at once in a single frame and that too in different styles and textures. If you want to put an emphasis on the aesthetic vibes of your photos and multiply it manifold, collage is the best thing to go to.

How To Edit Collage Photo?

The collage you created definitely needs some additional features to beautify itself and boast the person or locality that the photos generally highlight. We also provide you with the feature to edit your grid or collage using various features. Tap to know more.

How To Edit Your Image?

Editing is a prerequisite for the beautification of your images and putting them in a completely different spotlight. We got your back as there exists a lot of Professional Tools for Editing in this magnificent application we have created for our users.