Edit Collage Images In Seconds

Collages require good composition within your imagery. Doodle with perspective and accentuate and exaggerate it to create collages.

The techno-savvy world brings forth yet another enticing feature of blending two photos and making them one.

Blend any two of your photos into a single photo to create a magical blend effect. Photo Blender is a simple but mighty app, it mingles two of your images into a single image. A transparent overlay of the first photo taken can be overplayed on another photo taken from a gallery or camera. Direct yourself by selecting any two pictures. It can be two pictures of the same person in diverse poses or pictures of two disparate people.

 Adjust blend level with ease through this application. The Blender Camera is simple to use and has a pleasant interface. The application is lodged with super fantastic filters, diverse background, crop function, beautiful frames and stickers, and a meter for brightness, warmth, contrast, saturation, tint, sharpen, blur, highlight, and shadow, that you can increase or decrease to make your blended images even more astounding.

Click on the  Apply Button and go to the Next Effects to beautify your photos.  You can rotate, zoom in, and zoom out both Blended Images. Don’t worry about the mistakes and pitfalls because you can use Undo or Redo Effects.

Guide to use: BlendMix – Photo Blend

The collage you created definitely needs some additional features to beautify itself and boast the person or locality that the photos generally highlight. We also provide you with the feature to edit your grid or collage using various features. Tap to know more.

Step 1:  Proceed with the following procedure to continue with “blend with collage”.

  •  Click on the effect button and choose the breath-taking filter effect button.
  • Click on the filter effect and apply the astounding effect to the collage photo.
  • Click on the Edit button and edit the collage with more tools.
  • Click on the effect button and apply the filter effect on the collage.
  • Click on the stickers button and apply cool stickers to the collage.
  • Set Stickers on college and apply more stickers.
  • Click on the text button and write text and style your text and set on collage photo.
  • Add Awe-inspiring taglines to your collage photo and create a magnificent collage photo.

Step 2:   Click on the Draw button and apply the draw effect to the collage. Choose the color of the drawn shape. Pour your creativity in the draw box. Choose to draw shapes and colors out of the many available.  

Click on the mask button and apply the masking effect to the collage. Lot’s of Amazing mask effects to apply click over effect.

Step 3:  Click on the overlay button and choose from a lot of staggering overlay effects. Choose overlay and click on overlay effect to apply the effect on collage photo. Click on the Add image button and choose an image from your file. Set an image in the collage.