Mirror Pic Photo Mirror Collage

Mirror Pic Photo Mirror Collage also incorporates the PIP effect option to create your mirror image inside the PIP frame with almost 20+ unique PIP frames including quotes.

All in one mirror photo editor app with plenty of options to remodel your picture into a new appearance with 100+ frame options including mirror frames, PIP frames, and collages.

We provide you with the best photo editing tool which has vibrant features to add text, stickers, frames, transforming background, and make mirror twins with 14+ different layouts. Mirror image is one of the most creative ways to make your pic more stunning.

Mirror Pic Photo Mirror Collage also incorporates the PIP effect option to create your mirror image inside the PIP frame with almost 20+ unique PIP frames including quotes. The app also has a grid option to make a collage of your most high-grade pics with almost 15+ layouts with the options to change the background, gradient, wallpapers, user image and make it blur, adjust the inner margin with the frame, add stickers/text, add border frames/remove it, reset to original, save and share.

The application has the following Striking Features:-

  1. Mirror – Choose a pic from the gallery to transform into mirror images, it includes the best 14 mirror layouts with almost 6 mirror images, alumina filters, 20+ 3D frames, border frames with unique styles, customized text, emojis, reset option, saves, and share.
  2. Effect – Select a picture from the pictures library and get the best pic-in-pic mirror image with beautiful PIP frames set according to your picture with effects and stickers options. Right-click on the image to move, zoom in/out, and rotate left/right to adjust according to the frame.
  3. Camera – Click on prompt picture to convert into dynamic mirror images
  4. Grid – Collage layouts to make a memory out of your best pics with several background options, frames, adjusting options, fill the background with several gradients, and share your memory on social media or over message/mails among your loved ones.

This app is the best one to play with your pictures as it is a dynamic all-in-one application which includes all the features that you can apply to your image. Enjoy clicking, modifying, making attractive, and save/share with your friends and family to make them a part of your good moments.

Guide to use: Mirror Pic Photo Mirror Collage

Step 1:  the application opens up to 4 option: 

  • Mirror
  • Effect
  • Camera
  • Grid

Click on Camera to Capture photos from the Camera. Click on the mirror to choose a photo from the gallery. Click on the mirror to apply the mirror effect to your photo. Formidable mirror effects to apply to your photos.

Step 2:   Click on the Filter button to apply an awesome filter effect to your photo. Lots of amazing and realistic filter effects. 

Click on the effect to apply it to your photo Click on the 3D frames button and choose awesome 3D frames. Click on frame and adjust your photo in the frame and make an amazing photo.

Step 3: Next on the line is the “text button”. Click on the text button to write text on your photo. Write your text in the text area and choose the style of your text and color of your text and click on the okay button and set the position of the text.

Step 4: Click on the Effect button and choose your photo from the gallery. After selecting the photo choose the pip frame. A pool of marvelous pip frames choose different pip frames and make an awesome photo. You can adjust the mirror effect in the PIP frame also. Click on the effect button and apply a realistic filter effect to the photo.

Step 5: moving forward to the sticker option. Click on the sticker button to apply cool and funny stickers to the pip photo. Click over the sticker and set the sticker position on your photo. Click on the save button to save your photo in the gallery.

Step 6:  Click on the Draw button and apply the effect on the collage. Choose the color of the drawn shape. Click on the draw button and draw lots of awesome stickers on the collage. Bundle of awesome draw stickers, just select and draw on your photo.

Step 7: it also has a mast effect option. Click on the mask button and apply the masking effect to the collage. Click on the shape mask and apply the shape mask effect on the collage. The astounding shape of the mask to apply click on collage can make it look more appealing.

Step 8:  Click on the overlay button and choose from a vast number of beautiful overlay effects. Choose overlay and click on overlay effect to apply the effect on collage photo. After editing click on the saves button to save the collage in the gallery.

Step 9: Click on the Save button to Save and Share your creation.