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It’s a wondrous app designed for selfie lovers who can’t stop clicking, make your photos colorful with stunning filters on the whole picture or part of it.

We have all the features you might need

How to Choose or capture Picture for Editing?

In this world of utmost digital significance where the cameras are like kings and photos of the queen, selfies are like the pawns protecting the royalty. Everyone, from the younger to older generations are quite addicted to photos and selfies.

Change Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation?

What makes you keenly observe a photo? What makes it catchy to the naked eye or captivating for a large audience? The sharp features of the image, the brightness level, the attention that the subject of the photo diverts to itself.

How To Choose Filter Effects?

Well as the trend dictates, filters are the trendsetters nowadays. They provide the required glow to the picture and also beautifies your aesthetic self. It amplifies the magnitude of emotions displayed by the picture itself and makes the original photo much more spectacular.

How To Edit Grid Color Effects?

The Grid feature is like a blessing to the Photoshop world. It lets you display your photos more artistically and also puts an emphasis on each and every portion of the splendid image that you have captured or chosen.

How To Add Shapes and Heart Color effects?

Our user-friendly application fully-loaded with features also provides you with the function to add any desired shape on the grid that you have created some of which might include heart, sun, moon, fish, flower and so many more.