The only Video editor you need.

Are you looking for the ideal video editing app for Windows? This app allows you to effortlessly post candid photos and create customized videos for Instagram, complete with fun stickers and emojis. Make your posts more engaging and entertaining with this user-friendly video editor!

How To Use Video Editor Tools?

Now, creating and editing your desired videos is easier than ever. The editing features give wings to your videos, and specific tools make the beautification process incredibly straightforward.

How To Make Slideshow Video?

This application enables you to play the video or the entire album in a slideshow. Thanks to this feature, you can preview the edited video and make any necessary corrections.

How To Extract Mp3 From Video?

We offer you the option to extract the music of your choice using the ‘Extract MP3’ feature of this wonderful app. Download videos from your favorite online sites and easily convert them into MP3 using this app.

How To Blur background & Rotate photo/Video

What makes the videos and photos a visual delight, pleasing to the eyes, are the adjustments in brightness, blurriness, and other alterations. These modifications captivate viewers, encouraging them to watch continuously without a break.

How To Make Collage Photo?

Imagine the fascination and wonder of having various photos with different backgrounds featuring your favorite people all in a single frame. Well, we’ve got you covered with our collage feature. Tap here to learn more about it.

How To Trim Your Videos?

This app allows users to remove unnecessary parts of the video. We’re here to introduce you to the trimming feature. Simply select the time duration you want to trim from both ends using the slider, and your video will be trimmed.