WhatsCrop DP Creator

WhatsCrop DP creator is amazing app to make your photo FullSize with stunning stickers, cropping section, framing, overlay light mixing, background
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Guide to use : WhatsCrop DP Creator

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

  • Camera: Capture New Photo using camera.
  • Gallery : Choose photo from your file storage.

How to Create WhatsApp Crop Profile Photo using Whatscrop DP Creator :

  • Lot’s of Photo editing Tools, filters and stickers to create a beautiful WhatsApp DP.
  • Click on image to get more option Zoom In Zoom Out.
  • Click on Setting Button Lot’s of photo editing tools  Rotate photo, set Fitness,Brightness,Blur,Contrast and so more..
  • Click on CROP button to Crop Photo.
  • Click on Filter Lot’s of Professional Filters click on filter which you want to apply.
  • Click on Frame button lot’s of beautiful frame choose frame and click over the frame to apply 
  • Click on overlay button lot’s of overlay choose color overlay and click over the overlay to apply 
  • Click on Background Button lot’s of photo background choose background which you want to apply and click over it to apply.
  • Click on text Button to write text over the image
  • popup open write your text.
  • choose font style multiple font style choose.
  • you can also choose font color lot’s of font color click on color.
  • Click on check icon to apply.
  • Lot’s of different different stickers you can apply on your photo.
  • choose which type of sticker you want to apply.
  • click on it popup will display choose sticker.
  • Adjust size and click on the sticker to save or apply. 

Done . Click on save Button to save your photo in your gallery.

  • In Bottom right save Button Click on save Icon it will save.