Photo Editor-Photo Studio

Apply stickers with funny, cute and girly themes. Make your photo more expressive!
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Guide to use : Photo Editor-Photo Studio

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

  • Camera : Capture your photo.
  • Gallery : Edit Gallery Photos.
  • Select your photo and crop in different ratio.
  • Crop your photo then edit your photo with some tools.
  • Click on Adjust button and adjust your photo with brightness, contrast, clarity, saturation, temperature, focal blur.
  • Click on Filter icon and choose your amazing color filter and apply on your photo.
  • Click on stickers add choose multiple stickers one by one and add on your photo perfectly.
  • Click on Text icon and open text button.
  • You can write your text in blank box.
  • You can change font style and family using some text tools.
  • Click on done button then click on save button to save and share your photo.