The only photo editor you need.

Photo Editor Pro is a robust photo editor with many amazing effects and filters!  Apply stickers with funny, cute, and girly themes. 

We have all the features you might need

How To Choose or capture Picture?

We also fulfill your wish to take instant photos and edit them spontaneously with our ‘Camera’ feature.

How To Crop Your Photo?

It becomes really cumbersome when the unnecessary areas of the photo also get in the display and it just looks really messy.

How To Add Text and Stickers?

What makes your photos expressive are the words, the text, the quotes written with them. 

How To Adjust photo lighting effects?

What makes you keenly observe a photo? What makes it catchy to the naked eye or captivating for a large audience?

How To Add Filter Effects?

Filters are the trendsetters nowadays. They provide the required glow to the picture and also beautifies your aesthetic self.