Photo Grid Mixer

When creating a collage, you are presented with various templates of grids, as well as a free image collage option with no grids. This allows viewers to arrange the pictures according to their preferences and creative vision.

Photo Grid Mixer is a versatile application that provides viewers with a stunning array of professionally developed grids and themes to embellish their photos. It’s the perfect tool for creating captivating collages, bringing together a myriad of pictures into a single frame through grid divisions. Unleash your creativity and craft awesome-looking collages in your unique style.

When crafting a collage, the app offers a variety of grid templates, as well as a free image collage option without grids. This flexibility empowers viewers to arrange their pictures according to their preferences. Select photos, choose your preferred photo shape and size, and let Photo Mixer transform your images into stylish and visually appealing collages. The application also supports multi-touch functionality, allowing users to adjust pictures with ease.

Photo Mixer is well-equipped to create Shape Collages from a vast collection and even offers Free Form Collages for users who prefer a more customized approach. With two-finger gestures, users can easily move, resize, and rotate photos to achieve the desired composition.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, simple design, and easy-to-use functionality, Photo Grid Mixer simplifies the process of making photo grids. Save and share your creations seamlessly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other social networking platforms.

Download the application now and share your feedback! Here’s a guide to get you started with Photo Grid Mixer:

Step 1:-  Dive into the world of creativity with ‘Photo Grid Mixer,’ a thoughtfully curated and user-friendly application designed to help you craft wonderful grids with multiple photos. Now that you’ve successfully installed the app on your PC or laptop, let’s get started!

Step 2:-  Upon launching the app on your device, you’ll be greeted with four options on the screen: ‘Shape Collage,’ ‘Free Collage,’ ‘Pro Version,’ and ‘Tutorial.’ Let’s explore these options to unleash your creativity!

Step 3:-  Explore the ‘Shape Collage’ feature, allowing you to arrange multiple photos in uniquely shaped grids such as hearts, leaves, stars, flowers, and more. With a variety of grid options, you can choose layouts with up to six columns, accommodating any number of photos from one to six in the respective grids.

Step 4:-  After selecting your desired grid, simply click on the ‘+’ icon to choose different images from your gallery. Proceed with creating and editing the grid according to your specifications.

Step 5:- 

  • Having selected your photos, click on the ‘Next’ button to delve into the editing phase, where a multitude of features await.
  • To set the background of your grid, choose ‘Gallery’ and select an image that complements your grid. Alternatively, explore the ‘BG’ option to pick from default backgrounds, enhancing the magnificence of your grid.
  • Click on ‘Stickers’ to add expressive elements to your grid. Choose from a variety of stickers and resize them to fit seamlessly into the grid, making your collage vividly expressive.

Step 6:-  Explore the ‘Text’ feature, designed to add a dynamic touch to your still photos. This feature allows you to incorporate words into the grid, enabling you to convey your message creatively.

Step 7:-  After you’ve finished creating and editing the grid with multiple photos, simply click on ‘Save’ to store your masterpiece in the gallery of your device.

Step 8:-  To create a grid in a format of your choice, select ‘Free Collage’ from the application’s home screen.

Upon clicking, a blank screen will open. Tap on it, and a pop-up dialog box will appear with various features to assist you in crafting the grid of your preference.

  • Click on the ‘Photos’ icon to choose multiple images from your device’s gallery for your grid.
  • Use the ‘Camera’ icon to capture images on the spot and seamlessly fit them into your grid.
  • Express yourself by adding words to your photos or the entire grid using the ‘Text’ icon. Customize the font, size, color, and style of the text.
  • ‘Stickers’ lets you enhance your grid with emojis and stickers. Resize them to fit seamlessly.
  • Apply an awesome background, choose border color, and pattern for your grid from a plethora of choices available.

Step 9:-  After creating and refining your grid, click on the ‘Save’ button to store it in your device’s gallery. Share your masterpiece with friends and family to spread your creative vision further.