Enjoy the festive season with New Year Frames

We present to you “new year frames” to make your new year more special by storing the memories you created on that day or on new year’s eve till eternity. It provides you with a variety of frames especially curated by keeping in mind the new year theme. Party hard and save your pictures as souvenirs using the application mentioned above. They say, “the moment gets passed, what remains is the remembrance”.

How To Use New Years Frame

New year brings new happiness, new goals, new achievements, and a lot of new motivation in your life. Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness. Wishing every day of the new year to be filled with success and prosperity for you. We present to you “new year frames” to make your new year more special by storing the memories you created on that day or on new year’s eve till eternity. It provides you with a variety of frames especially curated by keeping in mind the new year theme. Party hard and save your pictures as souvenirs using the application mentioned above. They say, “the moment gets passed, what remains is the remembrance”. You can trust this application to make you recollect your moments. New Year Photo Frames is a free and easy-to-use photos frame app that you can download the application at any time or any place you like.

It is incorporated with various uniquely designed New Year frames for you to select from. Pick out a photo from the picture gallery of your smartphone or take a photograph from the camera and use these photo frames to beautify it. It engages you with various effects on your photo like Sepia, Black & White, grayscale, and more! Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out the photo to fit the photo frame as you like.

Provides you with a simple and effective user interface. You can also apply stickers to the frames as well. Beautiful stickers or stamps related to the new year celebration and different themes are embedded in the application. Embellish your photographs with the editing function curated for the users. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome and appreciated! This application focuses on providing you what you desire. Quickly install it on your devices and enjoy the hassle-free experience that the application offers!


  • The developer looks forward to curating a look for you that is very aesthetic through the application. To avail of the features of the app you need to click on install so that it gets installed in your device or PC.
  • Choose New Year Frame button to make a new year frame photo, easy steps and lots of frame choice here. 


Step 1:- After selecting the “New Year frames” feature, choose your photos from your computer’s files. Next, crop the selected photo and select your favorite aspect ratio. Then, rotate and flip your image as desired. Now, click on the “Crop & Next” button to move to the next editing feature.

Step 2:- 

  • Next, click on the “New Year frames” button and choose your favorite frame. The app provides a wide selection of frames, so feel free to browse and select the one that you like the most. Once you’ve made your choice, use the frame to enhance your photo and add a festive touch to it. Enjoy exploring the various options available!
  • After selecting the New Year frame for your image, now click on the “Filter Effects” button. Explore the variety of filter effects available and choose your favorite one. Once you’ve found the perfect filter effect, apply it to your image to enhance its overall look and create a unique visual experience. Enjoy experimenting with different filters to give your image a personalized touch for the New Year celebration!

Step 3:-  

  • The “Adjust” button provides you with various options to fine-tune your image and achieve the desired look. Here are some of the adjustments you can make:

    1. Brightness: Control the overall brightness of the image, making it brighter or darker.
    2. Saturation: Adjust the intensity of colors in the image, making them more vibrant or muted.
    3. Sharpen: Enhance the sharpness of the image to bring out more details.
    4. Warmth: Adjust the color temperature of the image to make it warmer (more yellow/red) or cooler (more blue).
    5. Exposure: Control the overall exposure level of the image, brightening or darkening it.
    6. Contrast: Adjust the difference between light and dark areas in the image to add depth and definition.
  • The Stickers button helps you apply trendy stickers to your image creations.

Step 4: –

  • The Quotes button helps you add trendy quotes to your New Year image creations. Simply click and choose your favorite quotes to use them.
  • The Add Text button helps you add text or give a name to your New Year image creation. Additionally, you can change the text color, font style, adjust opacity, and much more. It offers a variety of options to customize the text according to your preferences.
  • The Add Image button allows you to add an image to your image creation. Simply click the button and choose your desired image from your system files to use it in your project. It’s a straightforward process that enables you to incorporate additional visuals to enhance your creation.

Great job! Now, click on the “Save Image” button to save your completed image creation. After clicking the button, you’ll be prompted to choose a location on your device where you want to save the image. Give it a name if needed, and then click “Save.” Your image will be saved and ready for you to share, print, or use as you wish. Well done on creating your masterpiece!

PHOTO EDITOR:- How to use Photo Editor in New years Frame Application.

Step 1 :- There is a new feature in this application where you can edit your photos and add amazing and cool stickers and border and lots of more with New Year Frames.

  • On the homepage of the application, click on the “Photo Editor” button.
  • Choose the photo you want to edit from your computer files. You can select any image you like from your gallery.
  • Once you’ve chosen your picture, you can crop it to your desired dimensions or select a social media aspect ratio. The application offers various aspect ratios to match different social media platforms. also you can filp or rotate your image as your need.

Step 2:-  

  • After you have cropped and flipped the image to your liking, click on the “Crop & Next” button to move on to the next editing features. This button will take you to the next step of the editing process, where you can explore additional tools and options to enhance your image further.
  • Now, click on the “Blur Shape” button to access a wide variety of trendy shapes. Choose your favorite shape from the options available and apply it to your image. The application provides an extensive collection of shapes to choose from, allowing you to add a stylish and creative touch to your photo. Explore the different shapes and find the one that best complements your image.
  • After applying the shape to your image, click on the “Shape Color” button to select your favorite color for the shape. The application will present you with a color palette or options to choose from. Pick the color that best suits your image and complements the overall aesthetics. With the chosen color, your shape will look even more attractive and visually appealing.

Step 3 :-

  • Now, click on the “Shape Stroke” button to add a stroke to your shape. You can adjust the stroke opacity and thickness to customize how the stroke looks. Additionally, you can select a color for the stroke that enhances the overall appearance of your shape.
  • Now, click on the “Filter Effect” button to explore a range of filter effects that can elevate the look of your image creation. You’ll find a variety of stylish filters to choose from, each providing a unique enhancement to your photo.

Step 4 :-

  • The “Frames” button is a fantastic feature that allows you to add trendy frames to your image creation. By clicking on the “Frames” button, you’ll gain access to a variety of stylish and decorative frames.
  • The Overlay button helps you apply overlay effects to your image creation. Just choose your favorite overlay effect, adjust opacity, and use it.

Step 5 :-

  • The Adjust button helps you adjust your image brightness, contrast, sharpening, exposure, and many more.
  • The Stickers button helps you add stickers to your image creation. Just choose your favorite sticker and use it.
  • You can also add text to your picture by using the “Add text” icon. Click on the add text button and write text in the text area. Choose the font style and font color and set text on the photo.

Save and share the picture using the “save iamge” icon according to your specification.