Snappy Photo Filters and Stickers for Chat

Make unique photos with Snappy Photo Filters and Stickers for Chat and for sure get more likes and followers by using this app!
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Guide to use : Snappy Photo Filters and Stickers for Chat

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

  • Camera : Capture Photo from your camera and edit.
  • Gallery : Edit Gallery Photos

How to edit video :

  • Choose photo or capture using your camera after select photo wait a moment it will take 10 to 20 second to ready photo.
  • Click on filters button to apply beauty filters on photo.
  • Click on Stickers button to apply amazing Stickers.
  • just click on sticker which you wish to apply.
  • Write text on photo just click on text button.
  • Write your text and choose color.
  • Multiple Font style choose font style.
  • You can also use font edit like bold, italic and font size.
  • After write text click on top left check icon.
  • Click on Save button to easily save photo to your gallery.
  • You can also share photo with your social media account.