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WhatsCrop DP creator is amazing app to make your photo FullSize with stunning stickers, cropping section, framing, overlay light mixing, background wall-paper and filters quickly for your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any social media Profile Pics.

Features included :
1) Setting : In this section you can manage your profile pics as right & left rotation, move out vertically and horizontally, inside and fill your full area. New tool to make your pic creative with Brightness, Warmth, Contrast, Saturation, Tint, Sharpen and Blur.
2) Crop : In this Section you can crop your foreground Display Profile picture.
3) Filters : In this Section you can apply 25 + filters for creative picture .
4) Frames : In this frame section we have a lot of frames which are designed only for Profile pics (DP) and make your pics beautiful.
5) Overlay : The overlay section will make your profile pic coloring light effect which make more attractive .
6) Background : In this Section make clone of your profile picture with blur picture displayed in background of your real picture and you can re-set the blur intensity in Setting -> Blur. You can change your background wall-paper from background button list.
7) Text : You can write text on your profile pic with different colors and font style.
8) Stickers : You will find maximum category of stickers needed for making creative photo in categories like :
Emoji, Crown, Sun Glasses, Hair, Masks, Monkey, Panda, Eyes, Mustache, Bread, Necklet, Tattoo, Snap Ear, Snap Eye, Snap Mouth and Mix sticker which are different from these stickers .
9) Share : Easily share your pictures on any social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram and more.

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