Video Editor & Slideshow
Maker Express

Video editing is a very expert job, being a novice can cause you a few problems. If you want to edit your videos then install our app “video editor & slideshow maker express” which brings you the most advanced and easy-to-use options to edit your videos.

Video editing requires expertise, and for beginners, it can pose challenges. Simplify the process by installing our app, ‘Video Editor & Slideshow Maker Express,’ designed to provide advanced yet user-friendly options for editing videos. With this app, you can effortlessly edit videos and create slideshows simultaneously, making the entire experience more enjoyable.

Video Editor & Slideshow Maker Express is an all-in-one application equipped with numerous features, offering a unique photo editing experience. In video editing, add distinctive effects such as greyscale, cartoon, paint effect, and more.

Customize the gap duration between selected video images using the slider, ranging from 1 to 10 seconds. Choose from default music files or add custom music from your device. The app provides tools for overlay themes, merging, rotating, and trimming your clips with professional quality. Trim videos in parts, merge images from your gallery or album, and compress videos without losing quality.

Create an awesome music video or slideshow instantly with just one tap. The app is tailored with square video functionality and crop mode, ideal for Instagram users. Easily share your creations on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Capture special moments such as weddings, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and more, and add multiple theme effects to your videos from a vast pool of options.

The Music Video Slideshow Maker offers various functions:

  • Photos: Add photos and videos from your gallery, camera, or the web.
  • Instant: Play your video instantly.
  • Create video stories from images and add custom music.
  • Save and share short videos.
  • Easy gestures: Intuitive and fast to use.
  • Easily add stickers, text, or frames.
  • Edit your movie with creative effects and transitions such as Translation, Push, Circle In, Circle Out, and more.
  • Set the time interval for stickers and text.

Save and share your creations on any social networking platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Download the app, and for future updates, the app remains entirely free.

Mute Video

Disturbances and distorted audio in a video can detract from its quality, diminishing the intended message, charm, and ambiance. Addressing this issue, our ‘Mute Video’ feature is designed to help users remove unnecessary audio from video clippings, ensuring a cleaner and more impactful viewing experience.

Step 1:-  Choose the video from your device’s gallery that you want to mute.

Step 2:-  After selecting the video, click on ‘Mute Video’ to eliminate distorted sound from the clip.

Step 3:-  After successfully removing the unnecessary sound, save the edited video and share it as desired.

Step 4:-  Save the edited video in the gallery of your device.