Video Editor & Slideshow
Maker Express

Video editing is a skill that requires expertise, and being a novice can lead to some challenges. If you’re looking to edit your videos seamlessly, consider installing our app, ‘Video Editor & Slideshow Maker Express.’ It provides the most advanced and user-friendly options for video editing.

Video editing is a highly skilled job, and being a novice can lead to various challenges. If you’re looking to edit your videos, consider installing our app, “Video Editor & Slideshow Maker Express.” This app offers the most advanced and user-friendly options for editing your videos, making the process seamless and enjoyable. Explore our specially designed features to simplify and enhance your editing experience. Follow the easy steps provided below each feature to use them effectively.

Video Editor & Slideshow Maker Express is an all-in-one application with numerous features that will make your photo editing experience unique. In video editing, you can add distinctive effects such as greyscale, cartoon, paint effect, and more.

You can also set a slider for the gap duration between selected video images, ranging from 1 to 10 seconds. While default music files are available, you can also add custom music from your device. This app provides the best tools for quickly applying overlay themes, merging, rotating, and trimming your clips. You can trim videos in parts, merge images from your gallery or album, and compress videos without losing quality, just like a professional video producer. It only takes one tap to create an awesome music video or an ideal slideshow instantly. Square video functionality and crop mode are customized for Instagram users. Easily share your videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Record your special moments like weddings, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and other joyous occasions. You can add multiple theme effects to your videos according to your preferences from a vast pool of options.

Music Video Slideshow Maker offers the following functions:

  • Photos: Add photos and videos from your gallery, camera, or the web.
  • Instant: Play your video instantly.
  • Create video stories from images and add custom music.
  • Save and share short videos.
  • Easy gestures: Intuitive and fast to use.
  • Add stickers, text, or frames easily.
  • Edit your movie with creative effects and transitions such as Translation, Push, Circle In, Circle Out, and more.
  • Set the time interval of stickers and text.

Save and share easily on any social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Download the app for free, and for future updates, the app remains totally free.


  • Audio clippings have the power to elevate pictures, making them more impactful. However, the process of reconstructing audio to complement images can be quite tedious for users. Our ‘Extract to MP3’ feature now makes this task effortlessly simple.
  • Users often find themselves in a continuous need to enhance their images, striving to create an atmosphere that captures the essence of the moment. With our extract to MP3 feature, this process is no longer a tiresome endeavor. Now, users can effortlessly infuse their images with an apprehensive aura, transforming their visual content into a more immersive experience.

Step 1:-  Begin by clicking on the relevant icon designated for converting your file to MP3. This icon is typically [describe the icon or its location], and it serves as the gateway to initiating the conversion process.

Step 2:-  After clicking on the designated icon, proceed by selecting the desired format for your music from a variety of options. Our application supports a wide range of formats, ensuring compatibility with all your preferences. Choose the format that best suits your needs.

Step 3: Additionally, you can customize the duration of the music by adjusting the slider from both extremes.

Step 4: Once the conversion to MP3 is complete, save the exported music on your device. Now, you can enjoy listening to your video or audio with the enhanced soundtrack.

Step 5: Finally, save the edited audio directly in the gallery of your device for convenient access and use.