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One of the best Video Player in the Store.

You can directly play any online link, which is why this app is different from any other player in store. Our stunning media player works as a live movie player and audio player. Network streaming available. You can provide any URL.

The video player also supports subtitle tracks with an option to enable or disable the subtitle’s file. Users also have an option to add external subtitles. However, to access the external subtitles, subtitle file must be selected from the given path.

Almost all Video Formats Supported.


  • Video effects with full control.
  • Slow and fast forward your video tracks.
  • Video Player: Free player that supports all popular format.
  • Subtitles: Enable/disable or select the available subtitle tracks.
  • Simple and enhanced UI
  • Easy to use.
  • Network Stream: Allows network streaming by providing a URL.
  • Screen capturing is available.
  • Forward & Backward Jump available.