BlendMix-Photo Blend

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Blend any 2 of your photos into a single photo to create a fantastical magical blend effect. Photo Blender is a simple but powerful app, it blends two of your images into a single image. A transparent overlay of the first photo taken can be overplayed on another photo taken from gallery or camera.
How to use: – Select any two pictures. It can be two pictures of same person in different poses or pictures of two different people.
– Adjust blend level with ease.
– Blender Camera is simple to use and has a pleasant interface.
– Fantastic filters , Background, crop, Light , Frame , Stickers, Brightness, Warmth, contrast,Saturation , Tint , Sharpen, Blur , HightLight and Shadow you can apply to the blended images.
– use Apply Button and go to the Next Effects
– You can rotate , zoomIn, zoomOut both Blend Images.
– You can use Undo or Redo Effects .

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