Video Editor Music - No Crop Blur Background

An ideal Video Editor app for Windows, Wish to post candid photos and customized videos to Instagram with full of fun stickers and emojis.
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Guide to use : Video Editor Music - No Crop Blur Background

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

  • Video : Edit Your Video
  • Gallery : Edit Gallery Photos
  • Collage : Collage maker
  • Camera : Capture Photo from your camera and edit

How to edit video :

  • Click on Video button and Choose Video from your file storage.
  • Trim Your Video if You want to trim video.
  • After set starting and end time click on check button to continue editing.
  • Lot’s of Professional tools for edit video Like : Filters, Music, Rotate and flip vertical or horizontal 
  • Click on filter Button choose filter and click on it to apply filers on video.
  • Click on Music button to change/ADD Music. 
  • Music list Click on Play button to listen music.
  • Click on + icon to add music to your video.
  • You can Also Add a local audio file music.
  • Click on choose file and choose music from your file.

  • Apply stickers in video and set the starting time of showing and hide time.
  • Click on stickers button choose sticker and click on sticker for apply.
  • Move where you want to placed emoji.
  • Click on Rotate button to Rotate video.
  • Flip button to flip video vertical or Horizontal..
  • Click on Reset button to remove effects.
  • click on top right save button to save your edit video.

How to edit Gallery Photo or camera capture photo:

  • Gallery : How to choose photo from Gallery and how to edit ?

Click on Gallery Button and choose photo.

  • Camera : How to capture photos from camera and how to edit ?
Click on camera button and give Camera access to application and capture your photo.
  • fit the Aspect Ratio of image : Original, full, fit, top, Bottom. 
  • Next tool of photo editing is Blur BG .
  • You can blur photo or you can also use set background photo.
  •  click on filters button and choose filter and apply on photo
  • Click on Adjust button and adjust photo Brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and light.
  • Click on Text button Write your text and choose text style and color and click on check button to apply text.
  • Click on sticker button and choose sticker to apply stickers.
  • Click on Frame button to set the shape frames.
  •  Click on Background button to change background color
  • At Top right save Button to save Photo .

How to make collage Photo

  • Click on the collage button.
  • choose 1-4 photos form your Gallery.

After Select photos choose Your collage style just click on collage frame And set image.

  • Set the image by moving it or right click on the image to rotate left/right and zoom in/out
  • Add snap by clicking on snap button to add customized text and double tap on it to remove
  • Tap on sticker/text to set visibility of corner icons.
  • Click on  popular button to set the gradient Border of collage.
  • click on Adjust button to Adjust padding of photos
  • Click on Background button to set background of collage.
  • click on text button to write text on collage, Write your text and choose font style and color and click on check button.
  • Click on frame button lot’s of collage border frame choose one and click on it apply.
  • Click on Reset button to remove all editing.
  • click on save button at top right to save your collage in your gallery

Done… ! Share Your video,photos, and collage with your friend.

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