DVD & Video Player All Formats - XPlayer

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Guide to use : DVD & Video Player All Formats - XPlayer

Let’s get started : Click on menu button for open icons window.

After click menu icon you can use some video player features.

Use some video player tools :

  • You can see some players tools in bottom.
  • Click on first icon and stop your video.
  • Click on second icon and rewind 10 seconds.
  • Click on fourth icon and play previous video.
  • Click on fifth icon and restart your movie.
  • You can play and pause the video clicking on sixth/center icon.
  • Instead of the all icons you can use more option like 30 seconds forward, next video etc.
  • Click on local video list and open your computer videos on video player screen.
  • Click on Pick n Play  and select your video into your pc.
  • Click on add folder button then select your folder to add all folder videos.
  • You can remove videos lists after clicking onClean list button.
  • Play your video and click on Screen Capture button for capture your favorite shots.
  • Choose your video and click on video converter for convert your video in other format.
  • You can write your video or movie name in blank ox for search the videos.
  • You can write file name in blank box for search your local file.
  • Click on setting and adjust your video light, saturation etc.
  • Click on video converter button then click on pick video file for select video.
  • Choose your video format by clicking on target format.
  • Click on transcode profile and choose video resolution.
  • Click on set output and choose your location where you want to save your video.
  • At the end click on Transcode  for convert your video.
  • You can see your video output.
  • Click on setting button and set your Video effect, Audio effect and add subtitle.
  • First click on Video effect and adjust your video Blur, Contrast and Saturation quality.
  • Second click on Audio effect and adjust your audio effects.
  • Click on Add subtitle and choose your file.
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