BlendMix - Photo Blend

Blend any 2 of your photos into a single photo to create a fantastical magical blend effect. Photo Blender is a simple but powerful app, it blends
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Guide to use : BlendMix - Photo Blend

Choose Photo

  • Click on Camera button to Capture Photo from Camera.
  • Click on Gallery button and Choose Video from your file storage.


  • Firstly You have to choose two photos for Blend.
  • Click on Opacity Button to adjust the opacity of your blending image.
  • Lot’s of Professional Tools available for Editing.

Choose Background

  • Click on Background to choose background.
  • You can blend your image with backgrounds also.
  • Lot’s of awesome Background available to choose.

Photo Filters

  • Click on filter to apply Awesome Photo Filter Effects on your photo.
  • Lot’s of gorgeous filter effects available to apply.

Light Effetcs

  • Click on Light Effects to apply Stunning Light Effects on your photo.
  • Lot’s of gorgeous Light Effects available to apply.

Add Text

  • Write text on your blend photo.
  • Awesome Font Styles with wide range of color options.

How to make collage Photo

  • Click on the Blend Collage button.
  • Choose 1-4 photos form your Gallery.

After Select photos choose Your collage style just click on collage frame And set image.